Yoga, like life, is layered. There are many elements to explore. You can dive in as deep as you choose. My goal is to help you navigate your personal yoga journey through private and small group instruction.
— Bridget
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Private Yoga for You

Are you a yogi looking for help with certain postures? Are you interested in learning yoga, but want to learn a few things one on one before entering a group class? Do you learn better via personal guidance? Do you have an injury or limitation, but still want to improve your flexibility and strength? A private yoga session is for you!

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Group Classes

While I believe strongly in the benefits private yoga sessions can bring to a person’s practice, there is a magic and energy that happens when students move and breathe together. Several times a week, I have the pleasure of guiding and teaching group classes.

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About Me

I’m Bridget, a passionate yogi, who is inspired by my students everyday. My intention each time I teach is to allow students the space to explore their practice with an awareness of their body, an open mind, and a curious spirit.